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Branden Chitsinho

Chairman & CEO of Afrisites Corporate (Pty) Ltd, StripesEarn (Pty) Ltd, Photosites Corporate (Pty) Ltd, Youth Persona (Pty) Ltd, ABAP Holdings Group (Pty) Ltd, Carnival Faces (Pty) Ltd, Gallop media 24 (Pty) Ltd, Superior Designer Investments (Pty) ltd, Entrepreneurs Union Org and Chitsinho Holdings Inc

Branden Chitsinho grew up in Duduza, a township west of Nigel on the East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa. He is one of the top Achievers in the Mathematics and Sciences stream Umalusi Senior Certificate class of 2015 at Asser Maloka Secondary School. He was awarded a bursary by Operation Snow Drop  to study  Bsc Mathematics and Statistics degree at the University of South Africa.

Branden's  Entrepreneurial journey started in 2016.  He started and failed his first 3 businesses before establishing Afrisites Corporate (Pty) Ltd in March 2019. Branden learned from his mistakes, gained more knowledgeable skills and leadership experience.  He earned strong  skills  in sales, marketing, advertising, Persuasion, customer services, business management, administration, reputation management, property managementmaintenance and house renovations.

Branden is a very energetic, self driven and ambitious entrepreneur. He is a disciplined individual who works under the following co values:

Diverse Business interests: 

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Acturial Sciences

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Photography

  • Customer Acquisitions

  • Call Centres

  • Data Mining

  • Housing

  • E-commerce

  • Media

  • Information Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Social Networking Services

  • Education

  • Banking & Insurance

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Agriculture & Mining