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Afrisites Corporate helps you keep a healthy pipeline of new prospects and a continuous stream of sales. We believe that Sales are the lifeblood of every company and a lack of sales will ultimately lead to business failure

Afrisites Corporate offers targeted and well executed telemarketing campaigns.We have an experienced team of telemarketers who are skilled at opening calls, developing customer interest and closing sales.The company uses latest dialling technology to deliver results and save costs. All calls are recorded and archived ensuring there is a voice log of every customer conversation.


We send you a call recording of the appointment, so your sales representatives have a clear picture of the client requirement and can feel comfortable they are attending a properly qualified appointment before they ever step out of the door! Our smart reporting technology reporting ensures that you will know exactly how many dials, how many conversations, and the outcome of every single call made on your behalf.

Our Services:

  • Appointment Setting

  • Direct Sales

  • Lead Generation

  • Cross Selling and Up-selling

  • Welcome Calls

  • Customer Lifecycle Calling

  • Market Research

  • Database Building & Cleansing

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